One week away!!

Yes, Artfest is looming close at hand….and I’m not ready!! I guess I’ll have to go do my supply list shopping this weekend. Yikes! I have 3 papers due this week, but thankfully nothing next. Leaving Wednesday right after class, so only missing 2 days.
Found some neat old illustrations of fairy tales that I might try to use as some sort of a trade….thinking….thinking….


Finally Peggy

got to her blog!!! 

ok…again, no new art. (but have found some inspiration in the form of little metal books from the Waldenbooks going out of business sale!)

 Have been busy with the end of last semester, Christmas and now Wintersession.  Only one class, but 3 hours a day for 3 weeks.  Pretty intense, definitely a good class and professor.  Constitutional history.  The last of my American History classes I’m required to take-yay!  Now I can really concentrate on “old” History!  Middle ages, here I come! 

And then, on that note….finally….

finally, FINALLYPeggy got her “hair did.

Finally, Peggy, at 17, went to the big city: Fargo

Finally Peggy entered the room, smiling and stopping to chat and shake hands on her way to the podium.

Finally, Peggy herself had had enough and withdrew from Washington society

finally, Peggy is genuinely nice and a pleasure to work with,

Finally, Peggy seemed to notice that I was not paying attention to her

finally, Peggy. She’s got a savory little dilemma on her hands, sleeping with the competition and whatnot

Finally Peggy came out with worn out old strap to replace

No new art, but….

I thought it would be fun to figure out different random words to put with my name besides “unfortunately”.  Here goes!

  • Suddenly Peggy feared she now might not look so hot
  • Suddenly Peggy, the lone female in the room, pipes up, leading everyone to look at her like, “Holy shit, that object just spoke”
  • suddenly Peggy made a false step in the dark, and stumbled; she uttered a smothered shriek, and then began to giggle.
  • Suddenly, Peggy shows up, having hitched a ride in the back of a truck with some sheep
  • Suddenly Peggy found herself organizing things and people
  • Suddenly Peggy jumped to her feet. “I’ve thought of some- thing!
  • Suddenly, Peggy has been transformed into a warm, smiling woman with a lilting voice
  • However, Peggy is also all too aware of her cleverness
  • however, Peggy still has considerable public exposure
  • however, Peggy changes her mind and joins Monty at the last minute
  • however, Peggy is displaying the signs of being an elitist
  • Fortunately Peggy has credit cards
  • Fortunately, Peggy did not see Melanie as abnormal
  • Fortunately, Peggy’s extremely bright and conscientious, which makes my job much easier
  • surprisingly, Peggy has had her fair share of both

Hmm…have to think up some new good words…what have you come up with?

really neat pics

I’ll have to figure out how and where to use these.  Fireworks taken with a moving (on purpose!) camera! fw1fw2fw3

Tooling around and….

So, as usual, I was tooling around the Really Cool blogs of other people (as opposed to thinking of something clever to do on my own!) and came across Carla Sonheim’s. Someone had challenged her to Google the word “Unfortunately” followed by a comma and her first name. Interesting results—and she passed the idea along, so here I go….


Unfortunately, Peggy is experiencing the pressures to dumb it down in order to get what she wants.

Unfortunately, Peggy is caught in the middle.
Unfortunately, Peggy can’t seem to work up the nerve to walk through the stage door until it’s too late–the audition is over.
Unfortunately, Peggy finds out that the dealer presents her to the public as an uneducated hillbilly
Unfortunately, Peggy has to choose
Unfortunately, Peggy did not share these characteristics
Unfortunately, Peggy’s neighbors would complain and get angry with her for the music
Unfortunately, Peggy receives quite the wake-up call when a man named Luke rings her New York store saying he is her husband
Unfortunately, Peggy’s green thumb is brown
Unfortunately, Peggy didn’t have any chocolate samples
Unfortunately Peggy got stuck with him.
Unfortunately, Peggy has dropped Arthur in favor of her new heartthrob.
Unfortunately, Peggy had a rather strong arm.

Oh my…..with 1,640,000 hits I could go on and on….Unfortunately, Peggy has to get dinner ready for the kids, so she can get them fed, to bed and do her homework!!

Back again…..

but not much going on. Summertime doesn’t give me much time for “just peggy” stuff!! I did finally look on the university’s website, and I can order my books for this semester. I added it up, and if I buy them from the bookstore there, it’ll be almost $500!!! I’m thinking I can cut that almost in half. Have begun the search! I love a challenge. And, I actually have one of the books required, and am, coincidentally, reading it right now!! It’s about Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor in the 800’s. My kind of late night reading!
The sewing and art haven’t been getting much attention, but I have been selling off, finally, alot of stamps and such that I have been meaning to get rid of for quite a while.
Don’t know if I’ll be able to swing Artfest this year….it’s the week before Spring Break and with my luck all my mid-terms will be that Friday! We’ll see!

Artfest 2009

After a few days in Victoria, BC, Carol and I are here at Artfest. No pictures to post yet, cuz I left my card reader at home. Will post many wonderful things soon!
Suffice it to say that, as always, Artfest has been a wonderful experience! Lynne Perrella and Theo Ellsworth are as wonderful as I have been told, and more! Karen O’Brien on Saturday promises to be great as well. The other attendees are so much fun and giving. Sigh…don’t want to think about it ending….sigh….